From r/WritingPrompts:

“I like you, you’re different. Not special, just different.”

The trees sped past me as I ran through the woods. The leaves crunched underneath my pounding feet. The wind bit at my face and exposed skin. I loved running early in the morning. The world around me was so quiet, the usual hustle and bustle of chaos society puts themselves through has stopped. I came out here every morning and ran to my heart’s content.

I usually never came across anyone during my morning runs. It was through a small forest located near my house, so there was never really any reason to run into anyone around here. If I did, it was the occasional homeless person and once I ran into another woman going for a run. I never saw here again, though, as I was running at a later time than usual. Today, however,  I noticed a figure walking along the trail just as I arrived. Weird, I thought, but no big deal.

As I approached the figure from behind, I noticed it was a man. Tall with rich, dark hair. He wore a cashmere trench coat and slacks. A little odd for a walk in the woods. I grew cautious as I began my way around him, and I sped up without saying a word. As I rounded the corner up ahead, I went to an all out sprint. I don’t know why, but the feeling I got from that guy left me afraid. Once I was satisfied with a good distance from him, I stopped for a breather. I had to be running hard for good three or four minutes.

“I like you, you’re different. Not special, just different,” I spun around to the sound. It was the man, except he was directly in the path I was running. There was no way he could be there. I never even heard him approach.

“Um, thanks, I guess,” as I tried to walk past him. He grabbed my arm.

“I’ve never had them run from me before I came after them,” he smiled menacingly.

This wasn’t as great as I’d like it to be, but I promised myself I’d post another story today, so here we are. Let me know what you think.

Head’s Up

Just a short post here.

I decided to repost my entry earlier because I’ve pretty much changed my website from the ground up today. I’m finally in a groove, I think.

Here’s a list of changes I’ve made:

  1. Changed url from codysideadump.wordpress to just I did this because I feel like the direction I wanted to take the blog has changed.
  2. Chose a new, more professional and fitting theme for the website. As I stated above, the purpose of this blog has changed. I want everything to fit with the atmosphere and flow of my website. The theme before really was lacking, in my opinion.
  3. Updated my About Me page to be a little more professional.
  4. Updated Menu options, hopefully with more to come in the future as I expand.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure in the coming weeks more things will change, but I think I am finally content with the way things are now. Also mentioned in my post earlier, I announced that I was working on uploading a short story to the site soon. I may or may not. As I stated above, the direction of this blog has taken a slightly different turn, so expect more quality content in the next few weeks not necessarily limited to flash fiction.

Let me know what you guys think of the new design, and read some of my previous posts if you haven’t already!

The Plan

Right now, I’m just trying to search for who I want to be in life. I discovered this passion for writing sometime last year, and I’m just now acting upon it. That basically explains me — I’m a chronic procrastinator. I’m trying so hard to get my life together, but often times, I just find it hard enough finding the will to get out of bed.

Nevertheless, I’m trying. I want this blog to really serve as place to express my thoughts, my stories; a place to just dump everything (hence the name). If people like my stories, I may consider creating a new one for that, but this will forever serve as my personal blog. I like writing, but I’m an amateur and I need a place to hone my skills. I’ve taken several steps to further my progress. I’ve started reading again, cutting out most social media, and obviously writing more.

So this blog serves as a record for my progress. My writings will improve and postings will become more consistent. More than anything, however, this blog kind of holds me accountable. Here I am committing to changing, visible to all. Please bare with me, the few of you out there.

I think sometime in the future I will be changing the site address, depending upon if I upgrade the site. For the time being, I’m just building the habit of checking this and posting regular content. I’m also planning to start writing a novel, of sorts. I think I might start with a few short stories, but I do have a few ideas I want to expand on. I kind of want to wait because I have a tendency to gravitate towards whatever I’m reading at the moment — WormIt’s an amazing work, by the way, so check it out. Note: it is incredibly long so be prepared.

Anyways, I’ll be uploading a story in the coming days, so be ready! Let me know what you guys think!

This Place O’ Mine

The street lamps illuminated the road, albeit dimly. Parked cars crowded the streets, and the road was showing it’s wear. The sidewalk was cracked and overgrown with weeds. 

The homes here were old and wore down. The overgrown lawns and broken windows kind. Cockroaches and rodents ran amuck the filth, so it was a paradise for them. Garbage filled backyards, living conditions once considered unlivable in the old times. Surprisingly, people still lived here. That’s the incredible thing about us, humans. We can endure, adapt to almost anything. 
They were afraid of change, of accepting the new way of things.

That’s why I stayed. I didn’t agree with the way the system was being ran, so I stayed. Truth be told, I loved it here. I found beauty in the desolation, community within the turmoil. 

This was my home. 

I’m thinking about turning this into my first short story, so feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you like the tone of this story. 

Just Another Day at Work

From r/WritingPrompts:

Simulation theory is becoming more popular as the days and weeks go by. The people running the simulation of our universe are starting to get concerned.


I sighed. Another long, boring day at work. You know, I was getting rather tired of maintaining this program. I don’t even know why they have us here, there hasn’t been an issue in years, but the boss upstairs wants it supervised.

“I’m telling you, Frank, they will catch on. It’s happened before. Christ, they even write stories and made movies about it already!” Tom, my manager, had told me. At Human Corp, we were all forced to act as human as possible, going as far to go by human names. It was protocol. He was explaining to me the reason we watched and waited, day in and day out, over this damn simulation.

I wasn’t too sure how the core mechanics worked as my only duty was to alert the techs of any humans breaking through the simulation. It was nigh impossible, but apparently some humans have before. Usually, we just delete their section of programming, effectively erasing them from existence. Things usually ran smoothly afterward. However, the last decade or two in the simulation has proven rise to something the humans called the Simulation Theory. They were starting to catch on, and if enough simulations caught on, we’d have to do something drastic.

It’d require another reset. The thing is, we couldn’t rewrite all of the code. It was too complex, and we had a good universe established. We’d have to simulate an apocalypse. We couldn’t do another meteor as that’d be to obvious.

I grabbed a sticky note, a human invention that we had copied, and wrote, “Nuclear war?” in case the time came.

My Sweetheart

From r/WritingPrompts:

A diamond ring made from the ashes of a human corpse has the ability to give its wearer immortality, but in exchange, it must be fed human souls.


I never imagined myself a killer.

Sunshine glinted off the ring on my finger, reminding me of all the terrible things I’ve done. At first, it was so hard. I almost didn’t do it, but the man I killed basically begged me to. He had just recently lost his wife and two kids in a car crash that only he survived. My heart ached for him. I only got one more year for his death, so he was going to take his life away any moment. It was a mercy killing.

I found the ring shortly after my wife’s passing. She was incredible. I remember getting lost in those bright blue eyes, and watching her smooth blonde hair cascade over her shoulders. She showed me love I didn’t think possible. Being in her presence always lifted my spirits no matter the day I had. She was my life, and I vowed to love her until I died. We had only been married for two short years when she was taken from me.

We were walking to my car after a movie, our tradition. Every Friday night for as long as I can remember, we’d go eat at our favorite burger joint and catch a movie. It was so simple, but it was something we had done since we were kids. It was like any other night — a gentle breeze casting a chill to the air, the stars shining ever so brightly. It was a beautiful night, though not for long. I remember hearing a couple arguing nearby, but I didn’t pay much attention.

“I don’t think I could ever get tired of this,” she spoke softly.

“Of what?” I asked nonchalantly. I was busy stressing over work. I should have paid more attention. God, I should have paid attention.

Tires squealed in the distance. “These nights wi–” she was cut short as we were crushed by a speeding truck. I remember screaming her name as I saw her bleed out on the pavement just a few feet away from me. Her head was partially crushed from smacking the pavement so hard. I passed out.

I awoke a few days later. I had suffered a severe concussion and a few broken bones. Apparently the husband from the couple arguing in the parking lot took off without paying much attention to the two pedestrians crossing the street. My wife was killed instantly. She was gone, and I had no one else.

I don’t know how I survived those first few months. I did nothing but drink. I quit my job and spent all my money on booze. On a walk to the liquor store, a homeless man bumped into me and dropped a package. I didn’t even notice it until I was walking back. As I picked it up, I noticed my chronic headache was disappearing and my drunken stupor was wearing off. Inside the envelope was a diamond encrusted ring. It was pure silver, with a huge stained diamond in the center. A tiny inscription on the inside reads Death for life.

I don’t why I put the ring on. Honestly, I didn’t think anything else of it for another month, but the cravings started coming. I was drinking so heavily, and I guess the ring knew my time was decreasing. In a crowd, I had the strongest urge to just hurt someone. Depression turned into hate, hate into rage. On another trip to the liquor store, I found my first victim. It was time.

I slowly befriended the man. It was cruel, now that I think about it, the way I killed him. He had nothing left in his life either, and I took advantage of our similarity. We might have been best friends in another life, but he only served as an introduction to my new one.

I had been doing this for over a hundred years now. At first, I’d only find victims who were close to death. After awhile, I began to yearn for more time. I didn’t want to kill someone else every other year or so. I just wanted to grant myself another fifty or sixty years and I’d be ready to pass on. I’d be ready to stop loving her.

After searching for almost a year, I found the perfect prey. A young woman who was only twenty-two years old. She had a bright future ahead of her — straight A student, just graduated with a Masters degree. She reminded me of my wife, and I think that’s why I chose her. She exercised everyday, and she loved to go hiking. Her mistake, not mine.

I got seventy-five years for her death. I wouldn’t have to kill again. As I watched her bleed out on the dirt, I thought back to my wife and how she died. I had recreated that scene so many times now, but it never got any easier. That’s why I do what I do. I don’t want to die. I’m afraid of death because I’m afraid to stop loving her. She gives me purpose.

As I arrive home, I take my coat off. It was routine by now, but I unlock the basement door. Downstairs, my wife awaits me. I almost hugged her, but I remembered how frail she was. After a hundred and ten years, she had lost some of her youthful vitality, but that’s just a part of life. I caressed her broken skull, as I had many times before.

Another lifetime awaits us, my sweetheart.

His, Not Mine

From r/WritingPrompts:

Life flashes before your eyes, not your life but the life of your killer.



It happened so fast.

One minute I was minding my business behind the register, browsing Reddit and singing along to the shitty tunes playing in the background. The next minute I had a gun to my face, and I stared down the barrel into the eyes of a broken man.

He couldn’t have been much older than me, but damn, that look he gave me. In that moment I understood; I understood why he was there. The pain, the hopelessness, and the fear I saw in his eyes somehow justified in my mind his actions.

The muzzle flashed.

The air reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. I saw a young boy screaming for his father to stop beating his mom. She was bleeding so badly, her screams tore into my soul. The father didn’t stop.

A brief, but intense bout of pain blinds my senses.

I saw a young man find his father dead in a pool of blood. Whiskey and pill bottles lay all around him. He shot himself in the head. The young man’s rage intensified as revenge was taken away.

I see a man wake up to find his girlfriend dead. The room they were in was covered in filth. She had overdosed. In the other room, a baby’s cries can be heard.

I see a man whose life has been defined by death. I see a man with no way out, a man who knows nothing but pain.

And in that moment of my death, I forgave him.