Descriptive Exercise

First post: I hope this blog transforms into the vision I have for it. I’ll be posting various challenges I’ve picked for myself, posts just containing my thoughts on various topics, and maybe some tech blogging. If you’ve come to this site, and enjoy my writings, leave a comment below and tell others! 

For this challenge, I wanted to work on describing a scene to the reader. When I write, I find myself playing a movie in my head. I want to convey the scene I see to the reader. 

 The sun sets behind the canopy of trees, rays of illumination casting their long rays across the wooded floor; dead, broken leaves smother the ground, trails paved long ago now a remnant of another time. There’s something unsettling about this beautiful moment — complete, absolute silence. The kind of silence that permeates your being, a silence so loud you hear everything but nothing at the same time. The kind of silence that only a lonely heart knows, but often yearns for.
The sun’s rays slowly diminish, and darkness sets in. The silence seems louder now. The view into the forest dissipates, only leaving a few feet ahead to see. In the distance, however, is a clearing. Approaching closer, the clearing seems unnatural; almost as if it’s not supposed to be there — no this wasn’t God’s creation. No, this is manufactured, synthetic. The grass is a glaring shade of green, perfectly trimmed. The silence is deafening now, the grass dancing in the darkness. The edge of the clearing is perfectly circular. There’s a faint line separating this abnormality from the rest of the world. They always say that the grass is greener on the other side; is this what they mean?

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