Just Another Day at Work

From r/WritingPrompts:

Simulation theory is becoming more popular as the days and weeks go by. The people running the simulation of our universe are starting to get concerned.


I sighed. Another long, boring day at work. You know, I was getting rather tired of maintaining this program. I don’t even know why they have us here, there hasn’t been an issue in years, but the boss upstairs wants it supervised.

“I’m telling you, Frank, they will catch on. It’s happened before. Christ, they even write stories and made movies about it already!” Tom, my manager, had told me. At Human Corp, we were all forced to act as human as possible, going as far to go by human names. It was protocol. He was explaining to me the reason we watched and waited, day in and day out, over this damn simulation.

I wasn’t too sure how the core mechanics worked as my only duty was to alert the techs of any humans breaking through the simulation. It was nigh impossible, but apparently some humans have before. Usually, we just delete their section of programming, effectively erasing them from existence. Things usually ran smoothly afterward. However, the last decade or two in the simulation has proven rise to something the humans called the Simulation Theory. They were starting to catch on, and if enough simulations caught on, we’d have to do something drastic.

It’d require another reset. The thing is, we couldn’t rewrite all of the code. It was too complex, and we had a good universe established. We’d have to simulate an apocalypse. We couldn’t do another meteor as that’d be to obvious.

I grabbed a sticky note, a human invention that we had copied, and wrote, “Nuclear war?” in case the time came.

5 thoughts on “Just Another Day at Work

  1. I like the simplicity of this one, it put me in the mind of Rick and Morty. I don’t know if you intended for this, but it had a very monotonous tone to it, I could feel the guy’s boredom, also a highly relatable feeling! 5/5

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, and no worries. I’m just trying to get into a habit of writing at least something everyday. You’re the only other fellow writer I know right now, so I kind of fall on you for feedback at the moment. So thanks!


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