This Place O’ Mine

The street lamps illuminated the road, albeit dimly. Parked cars crowded the streets, and the road was showing it’s wear. The sidewalk was cracked and overgrown with weeds. 

The homes here were old and wore down. The overgrown lawns and broken windows kind. Cockroaches and rodents ran amuck the filth, so it was a paradise for them. Garbage filled backyards, living conditions once considered unlivable in the old times. Surprisingly, people still lived here. That’s the incredible thing about us, humans. We can endure, adapt to almost anything. 
They were afraid of change, of accepting the new way of things.

That’s why I stayed. I didn’t agree with the way the system was being ran, so I stayed. Truth be told, I loved it here. I found beauty in the desolation, community within the turmoil. 

This was my home. 

I’m thinking about turning this into my first short story, so feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you like the tone of this story. 

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