The Plan

Right now, I’m just trying to search for who I want to be in life. I discovered this passion for writing sometime last year, and I’m just now acting upon it. That basically explains me — I’m a chronic procrastinator. I’m trying so hard to get my life together, but often times, I just find it hard enough finding the will to get out of bed.

Nevertheless, I’m trying. I want this blog to really serve as place to express my thoughts, my stories; a place to just dump everything (hence the name). If people like my stories, I may consider creating a new one for that, but this will forever serve as my personal blog. I like writing, but I’m an amateur and I need a place to hone my skills. I’ve taken several steps to further my progress. I’ve started reading again, cutting out most social media, and obviously writing more.

So this blog serves as a record for my progress. My writings will improve and postings will become more consistent. More than anything, however, this blog kind of holds me accountable. Here I am committing to changing, visible to all. Please bare with me, the few of you out there.

I think sometime in the future I will be changing the site address, depending upon if I upgrade the site. For the time being, I’m just building the habit of checking this and posting regular content. I’m also planning to start writing a novel, of sorts. I think I might start with a few short stories, but I do have a few ideas I want to expand on. I kind of want to wait because I have a tendency to gravitate towards whatever I’m reading at the moment — WormIt’s an amazing work, by the way, so check it out. Note: it is incredibly long so be prepared.

Anyways, I’ll be uploading a story in the coming days, so be ready! Let me know what you guys think!

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