From r/WritingPrompts:

“I like you, you’re different. Not special, just different.”

The trees sped past me as I ran through the woods. The leaves crunched underneath my pounding feet. The wind bit at my face and exposed skin. I loved running early in the morning. The world around me was so quiet, the usual hustle and bustle of chaos society puts themselves through has stopped. I came out here every morning and ran to my heart’s content.

I usually never came across anyone during my morning runs. It was through a small forest located near my house, so there was never really any reason to run into anyone around here. If I did, it was the occasional homeless person and once I ran into another woman going for a run. I never saw here again, though, as I was running at a later time than usual. Today, however,  I noticed a figure walking along the trail just as I arrived. Weird, I thought, but no big deal.

As I approached the figure from behind, I noticed it was a man. Tall with rich, dark hair. He wore a cashmere trench coat and slacks. A little odd for a walk in the woods. I grew cautious as I began my way around him, and I sped up without saying a word. As I rounded the corner up ahead, I went to an all out sprint. I don’t know why, but the feeling I got from that guy left me afraid. Once I was satisfied with a good distance from him, I stopped for a breather. I had to be running hard for good three or four minutes.

“I like you, you’re different. Not special, just different,” I spun around to the sound. It was the man, except he was directly in the path I was running. There was no way he could be there. I never even heard him approach.

“Um, thanks, I guess,” as I tried to walk past him. He grabbed my arm.

“I’ve never had them run from me before I came after them,” he smiled menacingly.

This wasn’t as great as I’d like it to be, but I promised myself I’d post another story today, so here we are. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Run

  1. Has promise. I like it but a little disjointed in a couple of places. Of course I am not a writer nor extremely educated so it could just be me. 😊


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