Social Media

Social media is a drug. Millions of us each seeking the attention of our friends, each of us competing to have the best lives shown through our pictures and status updates. I’ll catch myself asking the question, “Why can’t my life be like this?” Often times, I will even get angry or upset because it seems so unfair that I can’t have things like they have it. I get angry because it seems so easily attainable to others, that perfect life that they’re living. I have so many goals for Miranda and I, for our future. I have so many things I want to do, places I want to travel… But then I get on Instagram or Facebook and see so many others achieving the same things I want.

Truth is that the moments we choose to share with our friends are usually the best moments. The highlights of our lives. No one ever shares the darkness, the sad moments, the moments not worth showing because it’d ruin the false image we like to project to others. Online we can be anything we want you to think we are. Social media dilutes our image of one another.

Don’t get me wrong — I am not saying I have a hard or bad life. I have a great life; I have a wonderful and loving fiancée, a loving and supporting family, a decent paying job, and a good circle of friends. All that I am saying is social media forces me to raise the standard of my own life because I am constantly watching the lives of others. I am constantly comparing myself to my friends, to complete strangers. I become so immersed in this false competition I can lose sight of my own damn life. I become so obsessed with the idea of “they have it easier than me” that I forget to work towards my own goals.

I think that my problem is a problem common to many. Or maybe it is just me. Regardless, I am done comparing. I am done seeking some sort of gratification or reward for a status update, picture , or whatever. I am done comparing myself to others. I am done watching the lives of others go by while mine sits still. I am done wasting so much time on social media.

It’s time I get my life together.

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