Accepting that you don’t always have to follow the rules

My fiancée said something to me the other day and I can't shake it. We were discussing what I should write about for the blog, and she said, "I think you should focus on things that matter. I don't think you should have a set topic."

Initially, I was apprehensive because I was sure that the only way to have any kind of success blogging is writing into a niche. That's all I've ever read when researching, and of course, everything is right on the internet.

However, I've been thinking about what she said and I think she's right. If I stop trying so hard to focus on one topic, my writing is better. Whenever I sit down and just start writing, no matter if I had a topic in mind, the quality of that piece is usually ten times what it would have been had I limited myself. I'm not saying that you should never niche, but I'm saying that it's okay to just write about something that isn't your primary focus.

But this has a bigger picture.

Life is full of dilemmas. You're going to be faced with hard decisions, problems with seemingly no way out, and moments where you feel like you just can't win. Life is hard, so you need to break away every now and then. Do something you enjoy.

In today's day and age, breaking away from the traditional 9-5 is at an all time high. The internet has paved the way for entrepreneurs and the like to become whatever they want! They didn't follow the rules, they did something they enjoyed, and they took risks! The new workforce is already here and it's in the form of social media. How is that? I'll mention it again for you.

They didn't follow the rules.

And it worked. If you just do what you love to do instead of focusing on minor details, you just might be surprised at what comes of it.

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