Understanding The Problem

I'm learning something about motivation.

It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It can light your ass on fire and keep you focused for weeks. Bu it can also buy you a day and dart away the next. It can open your eyes and give you that extra "oomph" to get started.

But what do you do it disappears, leaving you wondering where and how to keep going?

Do you just wait until it comes back or do you keep progressing towards whatever goal you set?

I'm learning that motivation needs discipline to maximize results. The discipline principle in this situation is what makes motivation work. Motivation gets you started, discipline keeps you going.

"Motivation, broadly speaking, operates on the erroneous assumption that a particular mental or emotional state is necessary to complete a task.

That’s completely the wrong way around.

Discipline, by contrast, separates outwards functioning from moods and feelings and thereby ironically circumvents the problem by consistently improving them."


After years of programming myself to rely on this paradigm, I've found it incredibly hard to remain focused on anything for more than a few weeks, at best. I get so bored. I have declared several times throughout this blog and my social media that I am a chronic procrastinator. It is awful.

I want to quit. I'm tired of it putting me in positions that become increasingly harder and harder with each passing day of incompletion of the task. I need to understand why I procrastinate.

Is it because I'm just genuinely lazy? Maybe. Or is it because I'm relying too much on feeling like it rather than just doing it? After making procrastination apart of my everyday life, I feel a sort of anxiety upon completion of the task at hand thus disabling the above process. I will never feel like doing it because I'm always anxious about it.

Am I too focused on short-term pleasure rather than focusing on the end goal? Probably. Browsing Facebook, Reddit, playing Xbox, etc. — basically whatever distraction is at hand to continue avoiding what I need to get done. It can be so bad that I feel myself in idle mode, then I proceed to think about changing that, but I never do.

Learning the root cause of whatever it is you're trying to change about yourself is always the first step. I have to remind myself of this. Over the years, I've become so accustomed to this lifestyle that trying to change is incredibly hard. Yet, I've already proved to myself several times over that I can change, it just requires work.

You have to let go of instant gratification. You have to let go of your ego. You have to let go of the concept of "quick results." You have to let go of everything you've believed in and break new boundaries. To be the person you want to be, you absolutely have to put your 100% best effort into it or your results will never come to fruition.

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